Cover for your book or ebook: how to do it?
on November 14, 2018

In some rare cases, a writer already has the cover of his book in mind before even starting to write it, or in any case well in advance. Especially if the writer is also a graphic designer or photographer. Otherwise, it is likely that the author arrives at the end of the work without a shred of idea on the cover, so one says “Oh well, the publisher will do it!” Apart from the fact that the publisher, if medium-small, is probably more than willing to reason with you, it can happen that you decide to publish yourself.

The cover of a book or ebook is too often underestimated: it is still the face of your work, one of the elements that influence the final purchase decision: if it is an indecent mess (it happens, eh!) People will think that even the your book is not to be outdone. How do you make a quality cover for your book or ebook? Fortunately it is not so difficult to arrive at an acceptable result. First, a list of things to do:

1) Take a random image from the web

We are used to raiding the web unscrupulously for images to put on facebook, on the blog or who knows where. So one says “embè, how do they go back to the original?” Apart from the fact that it is copyright infringement, if someone catches you with a brutally plagiarised cover, you make a figure of m … sensational that you could easily save yourself.

2) Use a photo of you (unless you are a professional)

Mind you: by “professional” I mean someone who pays his bills with his photos, not the hipster on duty with the iPhone or the reflex donated by his uncle. Do you think you know what you are doing? No, no you don’t know.

3) Use absurd fonts and random colors in titles

“Now I look at the list of installed fonts … ohhh, comic sans, look how beautiful this is! Perfect, the sticky with paint that comes very well … do you think this bright pink or phosphorescent green is better? “. Judging by the filth that you see around, evidently many think like that.

Well, given these tips, there are still some possibilities:

1) Take out your wallet and contact a professional graphic design studio;

2) Supplicate a good friend with the graphics (but he must be really, better if professional) to do it for you, but be a friend enough to dedicate the right time and patience to a job done properly;

3) Buy the rights to an image that you find suitable from photo-stock sites: in some you can buy the rights to individual photos or drawings at low prices, others are more expensive. In any case, if you are not good with graphic editing, ask someone who is for the visual rendering of the titles, often underestimated;

4) Throw down a draft of ideas and send us the synopsis of your book: we will try to find us an economic solution for you.

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