Epub, PDF and Mobi: what is the difference between ebook formats?
on May 1, 2019

When one enters the magical world of digital publishing for the first time, it is normal to feel a bit confused, between different formats of the ebook file (Epub, Mobi, Pdf, Azw …), online bookshops of various types and how many other. Don’t worry, we have also been there. But it’s easy to get carried away. Let’s begin.


is the proprietary format of Adobe that has established itself over the years as a standard for printing, so it is the best format if you then want to print the file, while its “stiffness” does not make it the ideal format for reading. That said, it is still possible to read a .pdf also on ebook readers, smartphones and tablets through various apps that you can find in this article.

You can buy ebooks in PDF format from various online stores, such as StreetLib or Bookrepublic.


the .epub is the most used format for digital reading. If you buy your e-book from most of the stores on the market the format will be the .epub. We are used to knowing formats like the .pdf or the more classic doc, the .epub is designed instead for a reading “adaptable” to the device. If I write a text in .pdf I know that anyone who opens it will see it exactly as I set it. The EPUB, on the other hand, is a “malleable” format, it must be given commands and he will respect them by reproducing them on the reading device (which can be an ereader, a tablet, a smartphone, etc.).

Epub can be bought from almost all online stores (Amazon is an exception). In some cases, like for Play Store, the iBookstore or the Kobo Store, the advantage is that you already find your beautiful file ready to read on your reader, tablet or mobile phone! Ah, the miracles of technology!


the .mobi and .azw are the formats of e-books purchased from Amazon’s Kindle-Store or otherwise dedicated to the Kindle app on other media. There is a more evolved version which is the .kf8 but it is possible to view it only on the Kindle Fire family. In practice, if one buys an e-reader from the Kindle Store in the future, he will be able to buy his e-books exclusively from Amazon. It is obvious that there are tricks for converting formats but as this is a small guide for amateurs we will not explain further. If you are curious, here are some information about it.

And if the ebook instead of reading it, would you also like to publish it? The format that you should first implement is the EPUB, because it is the most widespread and flexible. Have you no idea how to turn your text document into an Epub? We can take care of it at a modest price: find out how on the page of our editorial services!

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